The “Like” button (the Facebook craze comes to WordPress)

I left Facebook around the same time there was a mass exodus from users all around the globe due to privacy issues. And though I was totally offended at the lack of respect for my privacy, I really left because I was addicted. Some people have crack I have Facebook, what can I say, it’s my cross to bare. I admit I liked it. OK I loved it, in fact i loved it so much I was on there more times than I care to admit just checking to see if anyone had commented on my, mostly lame, status. I would get on and start looking at my “friends” of yesteryear profiles. What were they up to?  How many children did they have? What did their spouse look like? And most importantly, Had they aged well? It’s shallow but it’s oh so true. I admit to having fewer “friends” than most on Facebook. I think my final tally was 94 and about half of those were rock bands, funny personalties or causes. Then another half of the remaining 47 were old buddies, acquaintances and so forth. Basically they are the people you don’t want to deny because well that would be just rude and insensitive. There are usually a couple of cousins 3 times removed, some coworkers and a handful of childhood friends that you have nothing in common with anymore but for some reason they want to be your friend and “like” your status but have nothing to say to you personally at all. Also in this 47 are a few good people you don’t know very well but wished you did. They are only in this category because they don’t fit anywhere else. It’s…strange. This brings us to our final remaining number of  17.5. These seventeen and a half are your friends and possibly family. These are the people that would change your diaper if you became a vegetable. Well…maybe.

I do miss the interaction with my fellow friends and at times I am tempted and implored by my 17.5 friends to rejoin and feel the Facebook love once more and I am oh so tempted. Here is the funny thing. WordPress has added a “Like” button on their site. You can now “like” blogs (Thank you WordPress, where would I be without your permission? Probably on Blogger). If WP becomes more and more like Facebook then my attempt to be off of the social networking craze will have failed and I will be forced to move to Blogger or PAY for a blog that is guaranteed to stay a blog….or go back to Facebook. Hmmmmm… they say in ‘Stand By Me’, That’s a goocher.


2 thoughts on “The “Like” button (the Facebook craze comes to WordPress)

  1. It was great to chat with you yesterday. I have missed you immensely on facebook, but I totally get why you left. I myself am an addict, although I’ve now set limits on myself and I am slowly getting better with it. But if you ever rejoin the 17.5 of us will be waiting. And yes…if you were a vegetable and needed me to change your diaper…I would!

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