30 Year Old Perception

Thirty years old if fast approaching. I was born in 1980 and when I was young I thought all thirty year old people were so old, they may as well have looked like this,Thank god that is not the reality but in my mind all women at 30 were well established mom’s or career women who knew exactly were life was taking them and they were adults with a capitol A. Now that i am about to turn that age I realize how mistaken I was. I am still pursuing a career and I have no idea most days how to raise my two children. My perception on the 30 year old woman having all her shit together has changed and with it, my perception on the world.

You get older. You start really thinking about life and what you will put up with and what you won’t. You examine your life and who you are and what makes you happy and what ticks you off and why. You seperate from your parents ways of life and sometimes philosophies to develop your own.  Sometimes thay blend but other times they don’t. The one lesson I have learned is that this is OK and fundamental to life. Being yourself and doing what you think is right is OK no matter what tongue lashings or resistance you meet. You have to be true to yourself and your findings as you bumble along or in the end you have nothing and you set your children up to make the same ghastly mistakes you have made. The two things I do know 100 percent about raising children is that they learn from example and that there is no better mirror than a child. What do you want to see in the morning when you wake up?

So though I do not feel maybe quite as togather as this lady

(she seems to have it all together doesn’t she?), I know that I am striving to be the best 30 year old woman I can be and perhaps most importantly, to set a good example for my little girl of what a woman is and what a woman can be. Deep down I am a Rosie the riveter and before she was the role model and the ‘IT’ tattoo for lesbians and femi-nazi’s across the world, she was a symbol of what a person can do even when met with a resistance and doubt. For that I am thankful and I take that with me each day.

One day I hope to be as classy as the women pictured below.

And when I am old i will probably look like these gals below

One thing is certain, I am thankful our perception changes as life goes on, otherwise we might never grow out of the teenage phase of life or just grow in general. Perception is key to growth and learning. It is a journey I plan on enjoying as much as this lady


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