Happiness is found in the simplist things. This has been said a thousand times by a thousand different people, in a thousand different ways and it stands true. When life’s little problems seem monumentally huge it is important to pause and reflect on on the simple, the lovely and the hilarious. Todays post is just about pictures that make me happy. Here they are in no particular order.

Every parent likes to tease their kids a bit. I am no exception.

The sign says it all.

They may look sweet and innocent but they will kick your ass.

I really like mummies. Even as a small kid I was drawn to them. These guys are recent mummies from the 1900’s. They were mine workers.

This is Hattie all dressed up and ready to….smoke rocks (it’s a joke folks, come on)

This is probably my favorite picture ever. There are no words.

The hadster and her friend who also happens to be one of the most awesome boys in the whole wide world. He rocks my socks off.

Ok she looks a little sad but it was actually a sweet moment and so I can’t help but feel happiness when I see this photo.

A bear chair. I want it, I love it.

I love old victorian pictures of elegant ladies.

Donuts. I love cake donuts. I love the ones that come in a box that Hostess makes. You have your choice of plain, cinnamon and powdered sugar. The plain are my all time favorite, dipped in coffee.

I don’t know, it just makes me laugh.

I want my legs tattooed this much.

I love this photo because it is contentment.

The biggest resinators fan ever.

I don’t know but it’s funny as hell to me.


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