Some favorite pics over the past month

Alright so these pictures below were taken over the past month of the kids doing various things.  I try to keep a lively house and with a pre-pubescent 9 year old and a full speed 2 year old, that mission is accomplished every day. Throw in 2 dogs and a cat and it’s a regular circus.

Odin likes to paint….everything. He is most happy painting his face. He finds also that paint has a certain picante that you just don’t get in regular food. Blue is his favorite.

Hattie is ever posing and showing me her many creations in style. She has had some amazing ideas! There have also been some that, shall we say, lacked in fashion sense but she always brings it around.

Odin too likes fashion, though he much prefers the pairing of diapers and shoes.  “Less is More” is his motto.

This time Odin has paired his diaper/shoe ensemble with a rubber snake that he is trying to shove up his nose. I’m getting a vision, the words circus performer are forming……

The Hadster and me, goofing off.

EdGrrrrr……..8 weeks.

I LOVE how these guys have no clue they are about to get walloped by the derby girl. Running of the bulls was fun to watch but being the  lady I am, I wanted to be out there beatin’ some ass too.


Hattie and tea time. I love tea but I must admit drinking out of tiny cups has its disadvantages such as filling my cup up about 5times in 5 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Some favorite pics over the past month

  1. YOu must have been up with the chickens. These are wonderful. You do however look like you need some rest. Florida is just the place.

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