And the Fat Guy Turns Two…

The fat boy has turned two. He has begun his celebration today by refusing to eat his breakfast. Welcome terrible two’s. We will be taking him to Story-land in City Park today where he will ride a train and play in fairy tale style houses. It should be fun. WE are attempting to beat the terrible heat by going earlier at opening rather than waiting until the afternoon. We attempted to celebrate yesterday but the afternoon heat was too much so instead we went to Angeli’s and ate pizza, stopped by a friends house for a few seconds and then road out to another friends house and stopped there and visited. We ended the evening by “makin’ groceries” and hanging out at home, catching up on Deadliest Catch.

I am going to end this post by posting some pics of the fat man from birth until now. Enjoy. More recent to come later.


4 thoughts on “And the Fat Guy Turns Two…

  1. How cute are these???Wish I could have been there to help you celebrate and complain about the heat. Yes you are in for a rollicking ride this next. Happy twos to you too.

    • I know, he’s super cute. Don’t you love how I didn’t put any of them in order and how there are no recent pics?! I plan on posting recent ones in the next day or two along with photos pf his bday. Wish you could have been here too.

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