A tardy post

Look at this fat guy!!!! 8 pounds 1 ounce July 18th, 2008

My Easy Amzie Odin will be 2 Saturday. It’s hard to believe. Look at those cheeks!!!!!!

It’s been a few days to be sure since I last wrote on this thing. I think this is a good thing as it means I am keeping busy or something like it. In the past week we have had company, generaly mayhem and dentist appointments, the latter of which is no fun at all. While sitting in the dentists chair all I can think of is Bill Cosby’s standup on the subject and then Steve Martin’s portrayal of one in “Little Shop of Horrors”.  It turns out I need a root canal. Fun times, but until then I have to be on penicilin and thank god for that. Infection and pain really put a damper on my outlook for the day.

We have been listening to a few songs on repeat on a nightly basis. Yes we can wear out a song quicker than a toddler can wear out your nerves. One in particular song has been “Eight Miles High” by The Byrds. I love that song. It has the power to transfer you back into the 60’s. Well atleast back to what I invision the 60’s to have been. I told my hubby that I felt like I missed out on something monumental in histpry by being born in the eighties. I really wish I had a little picture window to peer in on that time in history. We had so much potential to do so much good.  I think we may have respected our rights more, been a little more free in our thinking and less compartmentalised. I think we understood that freedom isn’t free and peace comes with putting up a fight and not being complacent and “tolerant”.  (As a side note: I hate that last word. It is used, wrongly in my opinion, to describe getting along with one another. A small rant here: One of Hattie’s studies this year is called “A Place at the Table” and it is about the history of hate and learning to love one another despite our differences. However on the front cover it says it’s about “teaching tolerance”. Tolerance is just another way to say “I don’t like you, but I put up with you”. Is that really teaching our children anything? Yes it takes away the violent side of things but the mentality is still there. Ok rant over.)

Anyways other 60’s songs have included “Brand New Key” by Marianne and “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane. These are two of my favorite songs. I do think I was born in the wrong era. Sigh….well I can always burn my bra and pretend.

This morning I am off to do breakfast at the Magnolia Grill with a freind who has been in town for over a month and I have yet to see. I will have two hours without kids! Wow!!! On that note Dale and I will be having our first real date in years next week. When I say years, I mean years….seriously. Now that it is happening i have no clue what to do. We don’t want to see a movie because that would take up pretty much all our chat time and one thing we two lovers like to do is chat. So I am still looking…I am sure we will find something but iwant to have a bit of a plan otherwise we will wander aimlessly and before we know it, our time will be over.

Let the day begin! Time for a shower.


2 thoughts on “A tardy post

  1. a note about the bra thing. I tried to teach by example that wearing one aint all that and burning one on occasion isn’t a bad idea. You always say,”Mom I had to beg you for my first one”

    • Indeed I did have to ask for one. I still am very pro bra but I find as time goes on my boobs feel differently. I like the symbolism of bra burning, out with the old and in with the new, taking away the constraints of society expectations etc and so forth.

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