Good Friends, Good Times.

I am, more or less, awake. As I should be. It is now 1 in the afternoon but I feel like sleeping sleeping sleeping. Mark it down as age or wimpiness but late nights really kill me the next day. Mainly because my days of sleeping in until I felt I had to get up, are over….well atleast for the next 15 years.

We had our good friends Amber and Adam over last night and this A.M. They were home for a visit from Austin Texas. It was good times. We all stood around in the kitchen this A.M.  staring at random corners. When one of us piped up and said they couldn’t stay up like they used to. We all then concured and admited to being in bed most nights by 10. I think it is what kids do to you. So after a night of visiting and passinga good time we reitired to our beds at 2 a.m. I am relatively sure we all feel like Zombies today. Team “Double A” had to drive to Baton Rouge. 

 Speaking of Austin Texas, we have a band of folks trying to get us to move there, Team “Double A” included.  It seems to be the place to be right now in America, loads of things to do for all ages and lots of free family shit as well. The latter is a BIG bonus. Living in New Orleans, free is hard to find and then if you find it, it is usually on the Northshore whcih after gas no longer counts as free. I keep looking though. Part of finding the ‘F’ word is being greatly involved in your community. The 7th ward center has free stuff at nights during the summer, which is a big plus for this neighborhood.

One disconcerting thing recently has been an outflux of people leaving this neigborhood and it’s the people who need to stay if we are going to see change. It’s a hard few blocks to live in I admit, I am uncomfortable at times but it isn’t the worst neigborhood in the city by far. Change is very slow coming, only a small percent really want it. The rest is made up of drug dealers and people who generally just don’t care. So it’s always sad to see people leave.

On an upper this morning, while Team Double A were still in town, we ate at the Magnolia Grill. Delicious. 100 percent satisfied was I.

And now to try and get Odin to take the rest of his nap, he only slept 20 minutes. That just doesn’t cut it. Maybe I will nap too.


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