Things I am learning this week are….

My patience is thin.

My almost two year has developed a rather loud attitude.

Never pay someone before the job is done to your satisfaction, you’ll only end up paying twice or doing it yourself.


5 thoughts on “Things I am learning this week are….

  1. These are all good things to know – about yourself and the world.

    Thank you for paying me a visit at my bloggie-blog this week. That entry that I wrote about the loss of a friendship was a REALLY hard entry to write, and I hesitated for a long time before I pushed “publish.” I was surprised by how few responses I received. (If you look back at some of my prior entries, sometimes I have received up top 50+ responses. That said, I think it quietly touched a nerve and maybe I should have saved it for something like an actual, real life magazine where I didn’t real quite so vulnerable for putting myself out there.

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your quiet understanding. Sometimes, it still stings.

    Hope to see you again,

    Lessons From Teachers and Twits

    • I think, Renee, the sting is there to remind us of how costly friendship is, but how beautiful and worth it having them can be. I like that you focused on the positive of that relationship and not on the negative. The reverse is usually the standard.

  2. I just caught up on your blog, reading every entry for the last month. We miss y’all. Sorry we have not been in touch. We’ll be moving to a townhouse (still on campus) by the end of the month and we’ll have much more room. I promise we’ll have you over when we get settled.

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