And so…And so…

I love the rain. The pitter patter of it on my busily humming air conditioner. I like to see all the smudge and filth in the streets washed to the curb. And on hot hot humid days, it gives you the sense of peacefulness even in a ghetto.

I just finished reading a ladies blog who lives (lived) here in New Orleans, she has a house that she is trying to restore. Anywho her title was something like A Ladies Guide to the Apocolypse. If you search it I am sure it will come up. Anyways she was writing on the spill, you know the one with loads of oil. She has left the city for a while because of all the poisoness gas being put in the air here. Her writing is good, if not a little conspiracy for me. However that being said I too am a conspiracy theorist and I do belive alot of what she posted, much of it is tracable facts and quite scary. When you read about the health hazards here, it makes you really question wether or not you want your kids breathing in all that shit. Not to mention the paranoia I know have, because I have bad sinuses all of sudden and I have NEVER had issues with sinuses or allergies before. So is there validity in the air /gas pollution? I think so but To blame all my sinus pain on it would be, I think, extreme.  We can’t go anywhere for the moment, nor do we want to. It still is scary though. Having kids makes you second guess everything (or it should). If it were just me and my man I wouldn’t give it too much of a thought, because fuck it, with todays food engineering and the water we will probably get some kind of wierd ass cancer so oh well. Hattie and Odin however are another thing. But as I said we are here and we love being here, so we will have to take the precautions neccessery to keep life healthy for our kids. That starts with another person cleaning out our backyard.

Our yard has been overgrown since we moved in, after Katrina it never really recieved a good clean up. As I have posted on my old FB, I have found at least a bags amount of marbles, toys, shoe heels, a washing machine, an oven rack and thousands of buried bottles and pipes. In my previous post you may have read about the hired guy who came and attempted a clean up. He basiclly mowed the lawn and left. Even at that it was a bad mow job. Sooooo, I have another guy set to come and quote me on finishing what the other guy was not feeling up to. I can’t wait to have it done and I am hoping before July 3rd as it is big man’s b-day. We are about to buy a grill to cook out on (ofcourse) and I invision our yeard with tiki torches and a pink flamingo and a forge, but the later would be for later. I am itching to do some iron or copper work.

Speaking of iron and copper work I am getting my first project togather, supplies etc and I will be gettin’ hot on it. I will keep people posted with pics and ofcourse I will blog about it here and on my art metal site.

The peice of furniture I mentioned looks lovely right now. We yet to paint it but I went ahead and made it useful. From trash to treasure as it’s said and already I am in love. Can’t wait to actually finish it though.

We attempted to register our vehicle here this morning. Only to find we did not have a copy of our title. What I thought was our copy was only our lease agreement, so I had to call the bank and have them send me a copy. So until next week DMV (damned motor vehicle).

I have been keeping Odin more scheduled, which is ….a challenge. It turns out that once you haven’t had a toddler in your home for about 7 years, you forget how to keep them entertained. You also forget how quickly they cahnge their minds. I.E. Odin” Mommy, Juice!” Mommy gets juice and gives it to Odin who then takes a drink and cries ” Miiiiiillllllk!”. Too bad buddy, you are stuck with the juice. It’s funny how you don’t forget how challenging the toddler years were but when you are removed from them you look at other parents and think “well if they would do this, they would have success with jonny”. You totally forget that the frustraion coupled with the kids actions make it hard to determine the best route at times. If I could go back in time and see myself when I was around other peoples toddlers and they were asking me for advice, I would tell myself to “shut-up, bitch!” I would bitch slap myself. Ahhhhhhh, toddler hell.

Hattie is full of nine-ness. She is too intellegent and smart and pretty and I could go on and on and ramble (oops too late). Her inquisitiveness continues to astound me. We are going to play some computer games later. She loves computer games, well games in general. I can see a slight switch in sttitude and maturity. Today I took her picture and she looked at me and rolled her eyes and said “mo-om!” So nine. And I think back and wonder how my mother put up with my know it all ways and smart ass mouth. I deserved life boy soap. Not because I was foul mouthed but I was a smart ass, thought I knew it all, not much has changed. Though I like to think I am better at keeping my opinions to myself if they truely do not need to be voiced. As dad says, opinions are assholes, everyone has one and everyone thinks the other persons stinks.

So I have some pics I am going to post for all you cool kats and kittens. Meow! They are firstly the man and his dog(s) and then Hattie with here “nine” look and Odin….eating…whats new. And the cupboard thing.

This is the rescued cupboard yet to be refinished but looking fine all the same.

Hatties "Mo-om" face.

Edgrrr taking it easy.

A man and his dog.

A Man and his dogs.


One thought on “And so…And so…

  1. Those pics are all precious. I love the one of Dale with the doggies! Also, Hattie is so grown-up in that pic. It really makes me miss her – sniff sniff! Odin just looks like a happy little ham. 🙂 I definitely see the promise in the cupboard. It’s got a nice little shape and looks as though it will also be very functional and practical. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Also, hurray for your metalworking. We all need hobbies to keep us sane – or at least somewhere close to sane!

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