OK well I have been trying to post on this damned thing for a few days now to relate the happenings around here, however boring, but it seems my timing is always off and as soon as I sit down something inevetiably cuts it short. So here I go again.

The yard is somewhat level. We hired some punk ass to clear it out and make it playable for the kids and us. Now I call him a punk ass beacuse he up and disapeared after a few hours leaving my gate open and his rake, while taking off with some wire snips. Thanks. Atleast now the cops can actually see if anyone is hiding in our backyard now.  The past two weeks we have had the cops shining lights in our backyard with no explanation (Nola cops are notorious for not giving out information). The next morning we see the news and ofcourse some one was shot a few blocks away. Apparently the cops think our yard is a perfect hiding spot. Hopefully the leveling of the weeds will put an end to this. It wierds me out.

Our puppy is awesome and on his first round of shots. Eva continues to be fancy.

We found an AWESOME cupboard shelve thing on the side of the road and rescued it. I have succesfully cleared it of all rat and roach shit and we will be painting it and putting some tin on it. Can’t wait. I will post pics soon of it.

Odin needs lotsa structure. He is getting it tomarrow when he wakes wether he likes it or not. Take that almost two year old.

Hattie rocks.

Dale is awesome and I am tired. I’m off to bed.


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