I stole this

I stole this from my friends blog ghettohousewife. It’s very true.

you might live in the ghetto if…

  • safety training for your children includes how to respond to a police shoot-out
  • half the cars in the neighborhood can safely pass over your preschooler’s head
  • you look both ways as you drive through ALL instersections, even if you have the right of way
  • the neighbors casually discuss the latest shooting/robbery/auto theft without getting hysterical
  • you see a car parked in the middle of the street, you assume it’s a drug deal
  • your hispanic children think that Caucasians are a minority in America
  • your suburban friends of various ethnicities want to get out of the neighborhood before twilight
  • you walk down the middle of the street, even though the sidewalk is perfectly usable
  • at least two cheap, amazingly good Chinese restaurants are within walking distance
  • the only people more crooked than the drug dealers are the people in City Hall
  • you refer to the sidewalk as the ‘front yard’
  • when you mention the word ‘police’, your neighbors scatter
  • when you take a walk in the early morning, people assume you’re a hooker
  • Your toddler knows the Club is used to deter auto theft.

One thought on “I stole this

  1. What a different world you live in than I lived in when you were little. There is so much advantage to the city and progress but me thinks with a tear that something wonderful has died too.

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