We have named our puppy EdGrrrr. He is a lot of fun to have around. He is pretty tame thus far, he has whined a bit but not to bad. He does whine when he has to potty which means potty training will be easier. Eva, our shepherd just goes and stares at the back door and when she gets really anxious she will pace the room, depending on whats going on I may not notice her. I know, How can I not see a 70 pd shepherd pacing the room? Well trust me it has happened. Puppy Pee is easy, Eva pee is like a damned lake just dropped in the room. So attentivness is key with Eva.

My studies in the metal art are going well. Truthfully i haven’t had a lot of time to study. It seems the past couple of days have crazy and my schedual has been all over the place and sometimes non-existant. Me no likey upset schedule. But soon it will return to normal and i can sit down with those three gentlmen by the names of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Morrell and Jim Beam. Also I can return to ” The Art of Blacksmithing”.

The kids have been infatuated with Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeekel. I want to go deaf.

Work for Mr. Kellett is going well. He loves the new shop and the atmoshpere is very relaxed and creative plus the owners are genuine people. He is still out at Docs a few days a week and that too is going well.

I have been grinding my own oat flour and I love it, the problem is it also gives me an excuse to make baked goods which are both my friend and enemy. I think the Baked goods slogan should be ” Who needs enemies when you have friends like these?”

Ok enough, off to clean my cozy corner of the 7th ward.


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