Nothing too exciting

“Busy busy” should be this posts title, though quite honestly it feels good. Too often we become complacent in our endeavors to relax. So I welcome a hectic bit of time.

Today I cleaned off my back porch to accommodate Hattie’s bike. And electric scooter. The latter scares me a bit I think but we’ll see what happens.

I also puppy proofed the house as we are very possibly buying a baby Jeep pit bull. Jeep refers to the blood line it comes from. It roughly means that our dog will have a huge head. I am unsure how Miss Eva will respond to this 6 week old pup. We decided to go for a boy as her issues seem to lie with girls. She likes to be head bitch. And why not, she is one of the most fancy dogs I know.

Odin is testing, testing, testing. That should be the other title of this post. He keeps dipping his toes in the water and my patience is being tested at every turn. My legs hurt from chasing him today.

Hattie has been excellent. We played UNO (youknow! as Grandpa would say) tonight and I beat her ass! However the tables turned when we got out “The Viking Game”, she beat my ass and I feel shamed as the latter game is pure strategy…..Some of us are doomed to be UNO folks while others who win at strategy games go on to rule kingdoms. The UNO folks wish they could rule and sometimes they get the chance. But usually when they do they use words like “strategery” in front of millions of people. We are better with our hands, public speaking is NOT one of our strong points. Perhaps I have put down UNO folks though by including President Bush in our club. Hmmmm…..I think maybe there should be a “Go Fish” group and that he can be in that club. Anyways……….

I am sure I have more to say but at the moment my brain is fried and I have blisters on my fingers from helping Dale build a foot switch so I am off to bed. Or to drink and watch some tv programming. Hells Kitchen and The Tudors here I come.

Also i love this photo.  “We didn’t start the fiya!”


2 thoughts on “Nothing too exciting

  1. I have always wondered. Where did you get this photo?? There is something philosophical about it. I bet Bush could play Farkle too, but there is a tiny bit of strategy to it so maybe not. Another Dog???????

  2. Haha, yes I LOVE this photo, it actually came out of a Maxim magazine..I think. See Dale was telling me about it one day. He and our friend Darcey came across it and so I decided to find it online. It took 20 minutes but I found it and it was a good 20 minutes spent.

    Our new pup rocks. We have named him EdGrrrr.

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