Harry Krishna’s are invading the world.

I see them everywhere. They keep trying to give me free food. They are just being good neigbors, feeding people with their food that is cooked very little. I am not convinced by their “goodness”. I am about to be politically incorrect but I did a paper on highschool in the Hare Krishna and they have a means to an end, so don’t buy the bullshit. Krishna himself is supposed to be in the food they give you. So you are taking in Krishna without knowing it. They pulled a slip-a-roo on you. I kinda feel raped. No thanks, I like my food Krishna free.

And that is all. Also I want this chair. Ok that is all.


12 thoughts on “Harry Krishna’s are invading the world.

  1. Can’t imagine sitting in that in the heat of the summer!! Plus your kids might have nightmare of it!!!! 🙂

    • Oh we didn’t and don’t but it’s that time of year they try to start feeding folks, well actually theuy do it once a week I believe. They have a temple on Esplanade. Heebe-jeeby’s.

  2. I once visited an ISKON school. It is the International School of Krishna Conscience. So much could be said. Many are sincere. That said the religeon itself must be judged on its own merits and a serious look into the beleife system leaves me wanting. It is a merit based faith leaving its followers extermly insecure. I have compassion on them but grow frustrated with there new age rhetoric. That said I would smile be polite and secretly dispense of their peanut pastry.

  3. I have met a few myself and they have seemed sincere.

    The whole new age thing bothers me a lot today because it seems to be a very convenient out for people who do not want to give their beliefs thought but just want to have the comforts and security of it. Though that can be in any belief but it seems more rampid in the new age train of thought.

    Peanut pastry. Too bad there wasn’t a dog wandering about.:)

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