Breakfast is sunny side up eggs with turkey bacon. I will not buy turkey bacon again. The turkeys can keep it. Upon looking at its ingredients of this oh so healthy alternative it comes to this; Do you want real bacon that has a ton of fat and is high in cholesterol or do you want facon that has things in it you can’t pronounce and that may possibly give you cancer later on in life? I choose my buddy the pig.

Yesterday was Macaroni Monday here. Every Monday we create different kinds of Mac and cheese. Hattie is usually the idea lady and we the parents make it happen. We have had chilli mac, your traditional mac and cheese with hot dogs and last night was BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese. It was awesome. She wants to do curry next week, which means we need to find some paneer cheese. It’s not always worked to well but it is a fun and creative way to get in the kitchen together and have fun. It brings us all together after a week of going in our separate directions.

Before our dinner yesterday we went out to Metairie. Have I said how much I dis-like Metairie? I know of few who like it, even those living there have disdain for the place. It’s history is interesting though. It was all tenant farming (sharecropping) until the 1930’s or so. Metairie actually means farm. It made history by electing a white supremacist, David Duke , to Louisiana legislature. You could say Metairie is mainly a bunch of racist crackers. After Katrina it is more mixed racially because of the vast need of housing. There is a flavor to Metairie all its own. And it’s not one I enjoy but nonetheless, sometimes it is the necessary evil. We needed bathroom decor so off we went in Macey, our faithful truck.

We have been slowly decorating each room as we have the money to spend. So yesterday we went to Target (the other walmart) and bought new towels, shower curtain and liner, shower curtain rings, a towel hook, a basket to keep towels in and a rug to put down in front of the tub. I have never been more attracted to my bathroom. It makes me smile to go in there now. We also bought Hattie the third installment of the Percy Jackson series, The Titans Curse.  Our next big purchase will be another air conditioner. The one we have is only cooling off Hattie’s room and the kitchen.

The other items we purchased were supplies for Dale, laundry soap (woo-hoo) and a box set of old cartoons for 8 bucks! Hattie and Odin have been enjoying the likes of Popeye, Betty Boop, Felix the Cat, The Three Stooges and a ton more. It has 12 dvd’s in it.

All in all it was a good progressive day. We spent time as a family, decorated our bathroom and just had a good time, which is the point.

Today I have some reading to do, The Art of Blacksmithing, very interesting book. Did you know ‘smith’ means to smite? And the black refers to the type of metal being used.


2 thoughts on “Progression

  1. Mac and Cheese, new bathroom, 50s cartoons…what more could one want in life??? Pleasures don’t have to be elaborate, just a good meal, a good poop and a good laugh…

    • Haha, INDEED Mom! I realised this weekend how visual we are as beings and if all you see is ruins than you begin to feel a bit of that inside so I decorated my bathroom. I may have tea in there later, ha! 🙂

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