I have been forgetful for as long as I can remember, which apparently is not very long. As a young girl I forgot swim suits in hotel rooms, making my father backtrack 50 miles or so to pick it up. Yep, he loves me. As a teenager I misplaced keys and other items. It was a phase I hoped to grow out of. I hoped that when I was an adult my mind of memory would come to me and I would be invincible. Well I will be 30 this year and can’t remember shit.

Today we tried to take some friends out for lunch, we really wanted to, They have been so supportive and kind to us since we have been back in Nola and we wanted to give a little back. So we enjoy this lovely lunch at Schiro’s ( a local restaurant/grocery and laundry mat). We get to pay and i walk my happy ass to the counter and look in my wallet to find my driver’s license, various old receipts but no bank card. Embarrassing. Let’s break that down; Em (I’m) barass (bare assed) ing (fuck). Soooooo….we give them what cash we have, walk our happy asses to the truck and drive home to get cash and a book I need to return to our friends. I first unload the laundry we had done from the truck. I get in the truck we drive to drop off cash and book and I realise I forgot the book. No biggee, I can return it this week. I hop out of the truck and cringe, I forgot to close the back of the truck, we drove with the gate down and the window flipped up.

They say now when you have children that women have momnesia. Yeah, I find it laughable. This would be believable if I hadn’t always been this way.

So today I learned that I can’t remember shit.  Anyone for a game of “Memory”?


13 thoughts on “Forgetfullness.

  1. Okay so I admit I am forgetful too. Once I left you at church in the nursery on accident. I am sooo sorry that you have inherited this not so good trait of mine. I try really hard and some days are better than others , but quite honestly….the older one gets…… dont want to know.

    • Well, I think it goes way back on the Cherrington side of things but I am working hard to deter (spelling?) it. I am seriously thinking of getting one of those had held game devices they make with brain games on it. It’s funny but sigh…I really need it.:)

  2. hahahahaha. I can so relate with the ongoing frustration of memory issues. It can be so maddening at times…especially when memory issues get in the way of accomplishing something that should be just so insanely simple.

    Anyways, hang in there. Perhaps someday our memories will get so bad that we won’t even realize that they’re bad. And then, well, ignorance is bliss!

  3. Oh ME TOO! Momnesia, my ass. Except it *has* gotten worse. And with this pregnancy it’s getting even worse. So far, though, I haven’t I forgotten any of the kids in the nursery… maybe that’s a special thing reserved for the third child 😉

    • Perhaps it is reserved for the third child, though I admit to walking our of the childrens room in the library, going up the escalator before realising I had left 3 month old Odin in his car seat basket on the floor by the movies in the children’s depo. I felt horrible. He was just sitting there happy as a lark and no one noticed. Whew.

    • Haha, that’s funny:) That’s what I need, a “finder” some one who follows me around and makes sure i don’t forget anything and when they see I have, they take care of it or find what it is I am looking for.

  4. There are alot of things you can do to prevent forgetfullness. I take Ginko and a good veggy based multi vitamin, along with an omega 3. Fun mind games work great as well, like chess, crosswords, sudiko, ect.

    There are a couple really good books out that help you develop memmory. One I really like is “How To Read A Book” which has a great chapter on retention. Recent studies suggest that we remember more of what we see than hear. So maybe practice creative listening, imagining or picturing what others are saying to you. I have always wanted to have a good memmory and so I memmorize alot by exposing myself continualy to the information I need. It is a life long endevor. Remember we have great potential and you are so smart! You will be fine.

    • Yeah I have taken Gingko before and I am currently on a good vitamen, that mom turned me onto, it is veggire based. I have been playing strategic games and I am seriously thinking of getting one of those brain games hand held game devices. I think they are made by PlayStation, not sure. All I know is it’s got to change! Thanks for the info, I think I may start memorising poetry and such again to help me along.

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