Fare Thee Well Facebook.

Well I am about to push the suspend button on my Facebook. I can hardly believe I am dedicating a blog to it, ha! I just need time away from the technology of it. i found myself spending way too much time on it and having very little to say once I was on there. My posts consisted of my ode to coffee, shlitz and just general silliness. I guess this way when i post I will have something to actually say. Hopefully ūüôā

I loved my time on Facebook and I may be back but I found myself to often on its pages. I love seeing pictures of my brothers, sisters and parents (both blood and in law) on there and posting music and seeing my friends posted music etc but as i said i wasted a lot of time just scrolling through pics. In that time I spent I could have done something productive like read, play guitar, play with my kids etc and so on. Not everyone has this addiction to their account but i however do so away with the old and in with the new.

My goal, as i stated previously in an earlier¬†post,¬†is to¬†write about¬†productive things on here. Either things I have made or my kids have made,¬† something i am learning, even video of my guitar and I. Reflections¬†are a given as I reflect a lot. Over all I am looking forward to this and invite comments and thoughts on anything so long as we respect one another and it doesn’t turn in to Facebook arguements (another of my pet peeves).

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Fare Thee Well Facebook.

  1. Martin Luther once said, “While you cant stop the birds from flying over your head you can stop them from nesting in your hair”. I think he was saying that we can use our common sence. Sounds like you are listening to that very practical yet often quite voice that asks, is this the wisest thing to spend my time on? press on.

    • Saul, I had never heard this quote. I quite like it. What a wise thing to say. Thanks for the support in this. It has been oddly difficult because I have loved being on Facebook bu onward I go.

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