My Little Louisiana Land

 I know i have commented a lot on Facebook about the oil spill and perhaps it has annoyed some of you.  My complaining is not without warrant but it also does no good so I wanted to spell it out for everyone one time and then drop it. There will be no more oil spill posts for me.

 We have the BP mess. Then yesterday we found out there is another rig leaking oil and it has been since April. Its oil will end up in Louisiana. I know I complain about this a lot. For me though, it’s not something I get the comfortable convenience of sitting and watching on TV and feeling sad about it. It directly affects my family. We live as artists in New Orleans. Dale tattoos blue collar people, he does not tattoo rich millionaires very often and he does not tattoo Brad Pitt . When the BP disaster struck our earnings went down. Why? Because who gets tattooed mostly? Blue collar folks ( and college tramps but that’s another thing). Blue collar folks around here are fisherman, welders, cooks and wait staff etc and so forth. All of these jobs are in a bit of peril right now.

Our president looked into the spill and Bp was hired to investigate its own mess. It boggles my mind why you would hire someone from Bp to investigate.  A BP executive commented “There are other places to get shrimp” while talking about the gulf oil spill. Wow, Ok lets hire the company represented by someone who doesn’t give a shit and clearly doesn’t understand it’s not about shrimp. Great. Fabulous. Someone please tell me that our government has our interests in mind. Maybe they do but I just don’t see it.

The possibility of this effecting our drinking water is very high, not to mention it’s just not healthy to have large quantities of oil in your soil. Food is effected. Our shores and wild life are effected. Our way of life is effected. The fisherman can’t work. No boats are going out so nothing is getting broken so the welders can’t work. Belive it or not people want gulf seafood here and not seafood from other places, so yes, our restaurants are effected. And this goes on and on. Some of the fisherman were hired to help clean up , mostly this is true. However, also true, mostly private rich millionaires were hired instead. One final “fuck you” from BP.

I am enraged out of concern for the economy and natural surroundings here but also out of selfish reasons. I want to stay in New Orleans.  The oil spill has brought lots of changes to families all over. People are making the difficult decision to leave when they do not want to. They are working class people who can not afford to wait and see if this gets better. People are selling their homes close to shore and buying inland in Louisiana because they know the devastating affects the oil is having and will continue to have, nevermind if the a hurricane hits. A hurricane hitting is another story all together, our wet lands can not shield us now.

The good news ( yes there is some) is New Orleans is resilient, she can come back from the like of Katrina with her spirit not only intact but blazing. There is a lot against us right now but it is encouraging to see people around the globe have concern and be angry right along with us. Anger is an emotion that often is categorised as a bad emotion. There are times however when Anger fuels change and I hope this is one such time. We have seen the changes in our country; the women’s movement, civil rights, freedom of speech etc. All these were fueled by anger at the injustice of things.

I don’t know what the solution is in all this, how we will recover or how to prevent this from happening again. I use oil so I am not against it but I do want a better solution where spills like this will not happen, maybe that’s not possible and maybe it is. BP will not get my money, but it’s not just BP, it’s all the companies. Twenty years earlier it was Exxon in Alaska. Those folks are just getting their settlement checks, the fish have just started coming back and you can still turn over rocks and grab balls of a tar like oil. I do believe we can recover. I am a realist though and the facts tell me it will be years, not 5 or 10 years but 30 years before the water is safe enough for fish and wildlife again. I know New Orleans can do it, her people are strong but patience will truly be the must have virtue in the years to come. If you are one of my fellow New Orleanians and you prayed for patience recently, congratulations you got it. Last time I prayed for patience I got pregnant. Lesson learned? Don’t ask for something when you don’t know the implications of it if it happens. But I stray…..

For those out of the gulf coast, thanks for your concerns and your posts to help with awarness, New Orleans and the gulf Coast is grateful. To New Orleans, remember you are the “Who Dat” Nation and the Saints won the superbowl so miracles do happen when you push. In closing, “Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause”


3 thoughts on “My Little Louisiana Land

  1. Awesome as always. I wish I could have your positivity of the situation cause I most definitely don’t. I would love to think this will some how open people’s eyes to unhealthy dependence on oil. As the driver of a gas guzzling automobile I long for the day where something other the the current compact death traps are available as ‘alternative fuel’ vehicles. But I just don’t see it happening. People are absolutely clueless to just how much it needs Louisiana. Most of the country are totally ignorant to her importance and just how much their day to day life would be disrupted if Louisiana was not pumping out it’s seafood, OIL, sugar,rice, etc…Most of those people won’t realize it until it’s gone.

    • I totally agree Amber. We have a dog bigger than some humans, two kids and us so road trips have to made in bigger vehicles which means more gas guzzled. Most of America doesn’t realise how much of the everyday food staples come from Lousiana. Seafood is obvious but as you pointed out sugar and rice ar two examples of items that we grow and ship out. If the gulf suffers so does the rest of the country simply put.

  2. I so agree and my heart aches for the city. The future is really uncertain. Who allows an oil company to drill without knowing what all the possibilities are and how to deal with them in the event????Where does the buck stop???

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