Keep Truckin’

Life keeps changing. No matter what you do, it won’t stop changing. Keeping up with it is challenging and we all fall behind in some way or another. The economy, being what it is right now, makes falling behind very easy. One doesn’t have to have debt to do this. Many people can not pay their power bills, the fisherman and welders of gulf coast and Louisiana for one. The oil spill made all this worse for us deep south southerners. And unfortunately this will ripple across the united states and if the spill is not effectively stopped, there are chances that it could go across the ocean.

We can list all the facts and doomed statistics and that is fine and we should have that knowledge. Let’s face it if it were up to BP we wouldn’t know shit. But do not lose sight. We are all in this together. Most of us are struggling to keep our head above the waters right now, some more than others. I feel blessed that I am able to pay my bills on an artists income and the little money I bring in.  I worry about being able to do that this next month due to the spill but all things must be put in their proper place.  The “proper place”  for me is in that old stoic thought of  “If it’s outside my realm of control, then let it go”.  Easier said than done when you can’t pay your house note or power bill.  But I do think if we understand, that we are not the only one suffering, that others too are in this terrible time, we will find comfort. Not that you take joy in other people being miserable but as there is strength in numbers so there is comfort. There is comfort in knowing you are not the only one. I think this can, if you allow it, be a catalyst out of depression. We turn inwards when bad things happen, one of the first responses is to ask “why me?”  Well, the economy is in the shitter so it’s not just you, it’s everyone. I write this to myself more than anyone. You can not allow yourself to be mentally defeated, if you do, you will lose and nothing changes. If you can “pull yourself up by your boot straps” and walk open-handed then perhaps it will make the journey better. This is my daily practice. And I suck at it but I am going to continue to pick myself up.

I am getting on with life whether this economy would have me or not.


One thought on “Keep Truckin’

  1. Two generations ago even the poorest of the folks in my immediate circle would be considered upper middle class. I think of the old song which we heard in a musical on board the ship “kay sa rah sa rah whatever will be will be the futures not ours to see kay sa rah sa rha. Then I think of a song Grandpa use to sing and on occasion I sing. Many things about tomorrow I dont seem to understand but I know who holds the future and I know he holds my hand. A really old song that talks about todays woes…

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