Right now there is a child of about 8 holding bricks up on his shoulders on his front porch. He is sobbing. It is obvious this is his punishment for something…I just wish i could understand for what and why this is neccessery.

Now I have never been one to be easy on my kid, in fact Hattie has seen her share of punishments. Ido not talk sweetly to my child when she has outright dis-obeyed but to make your kid stand on the porch holding bricks  seems over the top. What’s the point? What are you trying to prove them him? It’s been 20 minutes. If you are going to teach your child a lesson, please do it in your home and please don’t humiliate him on the front porch. I’m not perfect and I have not always been a good parent, but this is ridiculous.

And now it becomes clear….a girl of about 12 is watching him and giving the punishment or atleast playing the part of the gopher. Kids raising kids…..what the fuck. If I were that little boy I would throw the bricks at the girl.

Hattie says his parents must not appreciate him.  Maybe the boy should save one brick for them.


6 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. In my time at Whole Foods I once saw a super “sporty” mom make her 11 year old drop down right in front of the exit and do push ups while she stood over him and counted. Not as totally tragic and humiliating as bricks.. but still. fire hazard.

  2. Ha. You know, on the other hand my parents would always create a punishment to suit the crime. Poetic, I think they called it. And what’s more they would punish us in public if we tried to commit the crime in public (in that manipulative way that kids do; trying to use a parent’s embarrassment against them). Honestly everything that you’ve described so far seems perfectly legit until we learn the sister was the officiating member.

  3. Wow. There is nothing this poor child could have done to deserve this. I really wouldn’t blame him for throwing the bricks at his parents. This is just terrible.

  4. I agree with Tyana that the punishment should fit the crime and that you have to deal publicly with your child when they act out, however I think humiliation is another thing. I myself was spanked when it was warranted and my parents dealt with me publicly but they never humiliated me in front of an entire neigborhood. I later saw the parents were inside. The boy stood on that porch for 40 minutes. I had watched him play out front and his crime most certainly did not warrant the punishment.

    I see so much desperation here in my neigborhood that this just broke my heart. No one is taking care of their kids here, infact most of the parents are kids themselves. Part of the punishment I think, is after the deed, reconnecting with your child and letting them know and helping them understand what is expected from them and perhaps most importantly that you love them. It’s a sticky balance, crime and punishment and I thik as I have matured in my time as a parent I have come to the conclusion that every parent has to find their own way. That being said humiliation, for me atleast, is not an option.

  5. Ridiculous! This actually the second time I have heard of someone doing this form of punishment. And, while I do spank my kids when they are are younger, humiliation is just WAY over the top! Kids MUST be disciplined, and nobody is doing anyone any favors by not, but they have to know that mom and dad love them and don’t enjoy making their kids unhappy but want them to be law-abiding, productive members of society. This act Does NOT tell the kid “I want the best for you”.

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